The Underbelli Podcast Ep. 1 – The Monsters You Make of Us: On Sex Work and Stigma

Welcome Episode 1 of The Underbelli! In this episode Erma VIP pulls listeners through a web of texts pertaining to how sex work is stigmatized and policed in the present moment. Their spinnerets take us from personal meditations on doing sex work to the rescue industry of the Twin Cities to strippers organizing in New Orleans and to worker struggles nationwide against the dangerous effects of FOSTA/SESTA.

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Texts read in this episode:

Against Stigma, Not Sex Work by Erma VIP

The Fragrance of Citizenship // The Acridity of Others: Towards Health Skepticism by Sasha Durakov (excerpt)

5 findings from Super Bowl Minneapolis on anti-trafficking operations by BRI (excerpt)

Leave us Alone, No Pigs in Our Clubs by Anonymous Strippers of New Orleans

City Pages is Cancelled by Erma VIP

Also check out the Belli reader The Myths of Sex Trafficking for more critiques of the history of sex trafficking

Featured music:

Original theme by Fizz

“Normal” by The Petticoats

Audio clips from the film Klute (1971)


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